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Nuns and Roses is a pen and paper roleplaying game targeted at complete beginners and intermediate players.

It tells the story of two Chivalric Orders, The Order of the Firmament and the Rose Order, who are both looking for the Holy Grail in a world that is scarred from the war that happened before.

Get into the world of roleplaying games with this easy and quick start, all you need are some friends and a bit of creativity!

This game comes with a Rulebook which contains basic rules and supplementary rules and a List of pre-made characters you just have to print out and colour in as you like. Nuns and Roses is fully customizeable and you can change almost everything if you don't like it.

Nuns and Roses features:

  • A relatively short rulebook containing everything you need to play!
  • Explainations of all the important and new terms for beginners!
  • An interesting and new story featuring a cast of only women!
  • 12 Pre-Made Characters to print out and colour in!

This game was created at the Game Design // UE at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Supervised by: Prof. Eric Jannot
"Analogue Game Design"  (WinterSemester 2017/18)

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